Header Image Puerto Rico

It’s been over a year since Anna and I returned from our vacation in Puerto Rico and I still want to go back.

palm tree

We first considered Puerto Rico as a destination because flights were inexpensive and we knew that in April we’d be ready to leave the cold weather behind.   A few quick google searches later and we had a growing list of  things that we wanted to do and a hankering for some piña coladas. Continue reading


Header Image Washington DC

We spent a few days in DC so that Adam could sing for a friend’s wedding.  Having both been to DC before, we skipped most of things we’d already seen as first time tourists and mostly just walked around and ate a lot.

Where we stayed:  The District Hotel

This was a great bargain for sure and was thoughtfully paid for by the bride and groom, but I wouldn’t stay here again for sure.  It was old, but adequate and had some of the worst (yet quite hilarious) Yelp reviews I’ve ever seen.  I was actually a bit disappointed when the hotel clerk was merely disinterested and preoccupied rather than downright rude like I’d been expecting based on the reviews. Continue reading