Header Image Butte Creek Falls

Friday morning we somehow managed to get out the door by 9:30am and on our way to Scotts Mills, Oregon to cross another item off our Summer 2016 bucket list – hiking at Butte Creek Falls.

Butte-Creek-Falls-2We’d done minimal research on the trail we were planning to hike that morning, so I looked up some info in the car on the way there.  Just so you know, this is not the way we usually roll around here.  We completely lost cell service at about the same time the paved road became gravel so I was happy that I’d taken a screenshot of the trail information.

Be forewarned – I found the last part of the ride a bit disconcerting.  It was a narrow and winding road (without guardrails), but it was a gorgeous view!  The directions and trail information we found here was ever so helpful getting us exactly where we needed to be.


The hike itself was classified as easy to moderate and I’d have to agree – the entire loop was just over a mile and took us past two different waterfalls.


There were a few spots along the way that would have been perfect for a picnic, but we’re lazy and didn’t want to carry too many things – so we waited until we’d finished on the trail and used the large flat rocks at the trailhead for an apres-hike luncheon before piling back in the car.



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