getting out my own way

I find the older I get, the more tiring it is to keep making excuses for myself.  I need to work on living in my own truth, figuring out at why I operate the way I do and calling bullshit on myself when necessary.

Basically getting out of my own way.

perfect good

Sound familiar to anyone else?  This may be the #1 reason I start things that never get finished.  I wear myself out trying to make something ‘perfect’ and  when I can’t – I give up on it.  In fact, I’ve talked myself out of projects before I even started them due to this mindset. I think that ‘good enough’ gets a bad rap and from now on it will be my mantra.


Yes!   Sadly,  the realization that I’m not very good at those things that I’d most like to do frustrates and discourages me.

So what would I do if I didn’t let these things get in my way?

  • I’d write fiction.
  • I’d take more pictures.
  • I’d stick with the things that bring me joy  – even if I sort of suck at them (for now) until I can bridge that gap between my taste and my abilities.


We’ve already started doing a few things this summer that are making me happy like walking after dinner and taking time to read (actual) books every day.  So I’d like to add one more thing  – to be less of a consumer and more of a creator.

Adam is great example in this respect.  He makes the time to write music, regularly and with purpose.  Sometimes stealing 20 minutes here and there when he can find it.

My goal then for the rest of the summer is to purposefully create something every day whatever that may look like – could be taking photos, writing stories, putting together a blog post, journaling, designing stationery, making crafts, or who knows what else.

Doing it purely for the joy that fills my creative soul  and not because I think it will be any good, as a matter of fact, I’m expecting it to suck.  That’s right, I’m giving myself permission to be very bad at the things that make me happy and I’m looking forward to the freedom that will come along with that.

Starting right now.



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