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Located in the Columbia River Gorge and just a short drive from Portland is the must-see Multnomah Falls.  At over 600 feet tall, this magnificent waterfall is breathtaking and is the second highest year-round waterfall in the US.  It was even featured in a scene from the Twilight movie and according to Native American lore, the falls were created to win the heart of a young princess who wanted a hidden place to bathe.

2015 May Multnomah Falls (25)

It’s an easy walk from the parking lot to the base of the falls and then a few hundred feet or so to Benson Bridge which provides a great view of both tiers.  The first time I visited Multnomah Falls, I witnessed a super romantic marriage proposal on this bridge – which I’m told is not an uncommon event.

The second time we came in September and decided to pack a lunch and brave the 1.2 mile hike to the top of the falls.  It may only be one mile, but it’s almost all uphill with 21 switchbacks and a well maintained paved trail.


I’d rate it as a medium difficulty – not terribly difficult, but certainly no walk in the park either.


Once at the top, you are rewarded with beautiful views from the viewing area.



We found few large rocks and enjoyed our lunch next to the water.


Whether you take this beauty if from the parking lot, the bridge or the very top – Multnomah Falls is well worth the trip.

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