Header Image Washington DC

We spent a few days in DC so that Adam could sing for a friend’s wedding.  Having both been to DC before, we skipped most of things we’d already seen as first time tourists and mostly just walked around and ate a lot.

Where we stayed:  The District Hotel

This was a great bargain for sure and was thoughtfully paid for by the bride and groom, but I wouldn’t stay here again for sure.  It was old, but adequate and had some of the worst (yet quite hilarious) Yelp reviews I’ve ever seen.  I was actually a bit disappointed when the hotel clerk was merely disinterested and preoccupied rather than downright rude like I’d been expecting based on the reviews.

What we did:

Mostly we walked around.  Visited a farmer’s market.

farmers market

Tried to figure out the very confusing parking situation so as to avoid a ticket.


Visited the National Air and Space Museum at the Udvar-Hazy Center


Where we ate:

We did some work to track down the Randy Radish food truck.

radish truck

And we were rewarded with jackfruit and mac & cheese

randy radish

Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien

le pain quotidien

Dinner at Zorba’s Cafe

zorbas cafe

Drinks at the Board Room where they have stacks of games to choose from.  This is me winning at Battleship.

the board room

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